What is “a body of words”?

  • I am a body of words.

  • A reflection in the shape of words.

  • I am not A body of words by Geoffrey Dutton (January 1, 1977).

  • And I’m definitely not John Barth: A Body of Words—edited by Charles Harris and Gabrielle Dean (June 22, 2016).

  • A body of words as: Language; Tongue; Dialect.

  • A large mass of words that have been collected together in one place, perhaps resembing the shape of a person.

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Who is Quenntis Ashby?

Quenntis Ashby is an Aquarian rabbit from South Africa who likes to jump off the page, onto the stage, and into the airy heights of your imagination as a body of words.

Quenntis retired from a performing arts career when the SARS coronavirus epidemic ended a sold-out Cats World Tour in Shanghai, China, in 2003.


His love of the stage influences his work as a creative artist, a teacher, a poet, and a writer living in central Taiwan.


Quenntis continues to sing and dance and act with words one step at a time by creating a body of words one day at a time.


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on the page and in the air


I'm an aquarian rabbit from South Africa living in Taiwan. I write stories with a twist of lemon; poetry with a pinch of salt; and green tea-fueled creative nonfiction.