What is “a body of words”?

  • I am a body of words.

  • A reflection in the shape of words.

  • I am not A body of words by Geoffrey Dutton (January 1, 1977).

  • And I’m definitely not John Barth: A Body of Words—edited by Charles Harris and Gabrielle Dean (June 22, 2016).

  • A body of words as: Language; Tongue; Dialect.

  • A large mass of words that have been collected together in one place, perhaps resembing the shape of a person.

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Who is Quenntis Ashby?

Quenntis Ashby is a leap year Aquarian from South Africa who likes to jump off the page, onto the stage, and into the airy heights of your imagination as a body of words.

He retired from a performing arts career when the SARS coronavirus epidemic ended a sold-out Cats World Tour in Shanghai, China, in 2003. 😿

His love of the stage influences his work as a creative artist, a teacher, a poet, and a writer living in central Taiwan. 🏝

Quenntis continues to sing and dance and act with words one step at a time by creating a body of words one day at a time. 🌄

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on the page and in the air



I'm a leap year aquarian rabbit from South Africa living in Taiwan. I write quirky stories with a twist of lemon; poetry with a pinch of salt; and imbibe green tea to fuel my nonfiction.