Oh wow...now I wish there was a video!!! Such gorgeous shots, and I FEEL that poem. And yes, we do believe that when we're young, before they get their convincing hooks into us, don't we - that we can be all those things? Thankfully I never stopped. I think that's one of my most cherished milestones. It absolutely has stunted my career and my ability to woo algorithms, this refusal to Specialize, but I do not regret it for a second. Do you know about Emilie Wapnick and multipotentialites?

My biggest milestones...hmmm...Valedictorian is an obvious one. Finishing my first novel and being published in an anthology at 17. Successfully replying, "Watch me," to my doctors' prognosis that I'd never be a professional dancer again after being rammed by a drunk driver, and then hammering the point home by hop-skipping onto the international stage instead. Then just grinding notions like that into dust by becoming a blackbelt. That tiny stint of time I was agented and working through a revision for a Big 5 editor (before acquiring brain injury #2 and the year of chronic seizures it gave me). Realizing that the world of traditional publishing and my TBIs are not happy playmates, yet obsessively continuing to regurgitate novel series, even though I have no idea what to do with them. Probably the biggest ones are, after all the injuries, all the abuses experienced by a clueless neurodivergent who had no idea what that is or why she couldn't figure out this Peopleing Thing, and 4 brain traumas, I'm still capable of doing amazing things, and--most importantly--I still haven't lost my sense of wonder.

Oh. And I am capable of belching "Luke, I am your fahhhthah," sometimes even without drinking a Coke. I know. You needed to know that. Off to cook dinner and dance in the kitchen. Then probably in the studio later.

What are you dancing to today? If you use Notes, tag me! (Can we tag each other here?)

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Wow! There is a powerful light within you that refuses to be extinguished! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with me.

I recently upgrade my Spotify account from free to premium, so I am listening to a lot more music now without the cursed ad breaks. I am always dancing and moving when there is music in the air. I love this Merce Cunningham quote: "My energy is nourished by motion."

I use Notes sometimes - and I'll try tagging you when I post next. :-)

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Woot! I had to bite the bullet on Spotify awhile back too. I gave it as a gift to myself amidst a big project. It has fed my addiction for music (and kitchen dancing) in such an awesome way. I pretty much live on its playlist feature, esp now that I can binge in the order I want--yes, with zero interruptions. Bliss. I look forward to what you share!

Merce quote: mmmmm. YES.

And thank you for the inspiration!

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